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This guy is FIRED UP! 


Best recap ever!! 



Vitaly Danilov says:

To the uploader : you must forbid comments and the voting from korea and
delete all korean shit from here!!

MoDeKoRUS says:

Stupid brainless eurogay must die. You better go sucking then tell
something u dont understand.

Kayak1088 says:

Adelina did desersve to win … and she did

No Juan says:

she has chocolate chips in her arm pits……i want a cookie now

genericwit says:

I actually did think Adelina deserved to win. Her performance was the first
I saw that made me say, “wow!” I thought it was beautiful and moving with
the story and everything. I thought Yuna’s was just very stiff.

heeyeon hwang says:

absolute mate! fighting for a justice gets more powerful when things are
judged by people who stands out side of this situation. so thanks for your

annakfan says:

The fact he thinks Gold has better jumps than Sotnikova shows he knows
zero. Sotnikova is by a MILE the best jumper and spinner. He has always
hated the Russian skaters, he attacks Plushenko for acting bad in 2010 but
then acts exactly the same way when Sotnikova wins. So its fine for
Americans to throw their toys out of the pram but not Russians. Also the
NYT ran a whole piece on how Sotnikova won as have other sports

BradMD69 says:

Michael puts me in mind of a young Jill Trenary.

Alice Kim says:

Adelina doesn’t diserve to win!!!!!!!! Yuna does!!!!!

The Fan Art Artist says:

I love YUNA and I believe that she was robbed! If you agree please sign
this petition:
There are almost 2,000,000 signers

fiery nicolas says:

mmm… too bad for her she did make a history in her country but fully
tainted with controversies, and outside her home, people see her
accomplishment as “SHAME GOLD”… if her score doesn’t that too inflated
maybe just maybe… or her routine does flawlessly performed but… still… I’m
happier for MAO Asada coming back from being defeated and in my opinion did
better program and skate well than Adelina and her score for me too is low…
Kim Yuna did great with her usual prowess in Ice… but both of her score
somewhat so low… just my opinion…

박은지 says:

watch my video that i uploaded (about yuna and adelina) Yuna Queen♡

Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke says:


Matko Doris says:

who is this bottom lover?

akazukincha15 says:

For me it should have been 1.Yuna 2.Carolina 3.Adelina. Yuna is strong in
technical and most especially artistic theres only one jump when she landed
a bit shaky i think cuz she was tight but before & after that everything
went smoothly. Carolina is good in technical and strong artistic. She has 1
or 2 jumps thats wobbly when she landed and her jumps didn’t get high
height and distance compare to the other two skaters. Adelina is strong
technical only she doesn’t have the artistic quality cuz she focus more on
jumps and exhibition and everything in between was wth is she doing. The
commentators in the stations covering the olympics, CBC, NBC, & BBC that I
watched for the short program and long program for these ladies have said
great comments for Carolina artistically but not much on technically, their
comments for Adelina is only great technically especially her jumps height
speed and what she does on her spins and they didn’t even talk about her
PCS not one bit. While with Yuna they were praising her jumps have majestic
speed, height and distance & it was textbook quality and she was praise
even more artistically saying that her PCS should match Adelina’s extra
base value score cuz it was head over heels above anyone else.

Katie Yun says:

people keep bitching about how the Russian chick deserved her gold.. well
if she did deserve the gold then why is it such a big controversy?
Obviously because she didnt.


Nshan Hambardzumyan says:

Dude you are IDIOT, go to this link and discover for your self, why is
Adelina is the best

HatakeMegumi says:

I totally agree – Carolina had the performance of the night but the podium
should’ve been Gold: Yuna, Silver: Carolina, Bronze: Adelina

Jin Hee Kim says:

yes!! it’s judges who won the gold medal not Adelina herself! I heard
people call her adelina putnikova!

Neangnaroth Chea says:

However we should not blame sotnikova, for what the judges have done.

Madame Fangsterful says:

well said buck! guys, we should sign up for this petition that pleads the
removal of anonymity in judging (so skaters like yuna and ashley wouldn’t
be robbed of their scores)

배기열 says:

c u at 2018 russian bitch

Kirill Dzhen says:

you are too biased, and have no idea what u talking about 

ㅋㅋㅋ says:

shame gold medal.

Zan Zibar says:

Who’s this fagot & what makes him an expert in figure skating?

arkasha72 says:

Koreans! Do not be aggressive! Eat less fighting dogs! Change Bull Terriers
for poodles!

한그린 says:

Not perfect figure perfomance is be okay because she is russian. And
russians always think that goldmedal is more important than olympic spirit.

Frida Valero Gutierrez says:


Nodi Alex says:

I can’t believe I waste almost 6 mins watching that video.

DunkRyan says:

Honestly, I didn’t think it seemed weird. I thought she skated great. Also,
if she was consistently overscored, how could the Russian judge be to
blame, when there were 9 judges, all from different countries? The highest
gets thrown out.

Also, I didn’t appreciate seeing this as a spoiler alert in my subbox and
on my phone before the nightly coverage.

Hj Choi says:

i agree with you

Reza Rezaev says:

You sucker GAY :)))))

A Bevilacqua says:

I think she deserved a medal she just wasn’t supposed to be the champion

Live2Inspire says:

Wow i have to say i finally got to watch the train wreck wow. its a shame
every Olympics something is fixed. hometown judging WOW!!!!! great video
first time to see your stuff will be back :D

lyn's life says:

I like to watch the figure skating if it is on but didn’t pay much
attention to it. All I know is this is the second Olympics that there has
been suspect with the judging in figuring skating competition of a certain
This is why it is easier for me to get more attached to something where
winning is based on scoring points or speed. I mean things can go wrong
there too but it is easier to call shenanigans. 

hyunniecute says:

Yuna Kim was the best 😀 I loved her program. Gracie Gold and Carolina was
great too 😀 Mao Asada was second best in the long program, in my opinion
😀 if only her short program wasn’t turned out that way, she would
definitely be on the podium :3 Preferably, silver medalist:D
Everything I wrote is based on my point of view, so don’t bash XD

Aleksander Naruson says:

fck yourself , please :)

cleicsioluek says:

Yuna Kim and no.

이창민 says:

Sotnikova son of a bitch

Love New says:

did you hear adelina walked off while they were interviewing the winners
and it was Yuna’s turn to speak…very awkward face expression from Yuna,
the video’s available on youtube.

Юлия Дин says:

say something about the last American champion Sara Hughes – the best of
the west winning the Olimpics by second mark over Irina Slutskaya and
Michelle Kwan

Amelia Anne says:

I still stand by the theory that there was some sort of deal that the
Russians would take women’s and the americans would take dance. They talked
about it at the start of the Olympics and then basically laughed it off. 

TribecaSam says:

Yuna delivered and should’ve won. But she skated in Russia. 

Avelina Petrie says:

The friking Russians have to give back that gold medal. I hope the Usa does
not employ this skater on ice skating shows.
There is only one Word about this Olympic Games:

Yasir Khan says:

You just simply being envious. If, as you say, Adelina was over-scored by
Russian judge, why than the rest of them did the same thing, it doesn’t
make any sense. Maybe you didn’t know, but judges not suppose to care to
much about gloves. And maybe that’s why you are standing in some shitty
looking apartment and not sitting among the judges. And in order to broaden
your narrow mind I’ll tell you that Russian team have been strong in figure
skating for decades, US still hire Russian coaches

iwillstand4u says:


175.98 (2013.03. the world championship)
173.30 (2013.12. Grandprix Final)
224.59 (2014.02 Sochi Olympic) …???

What the hell, I do not understand.

Soobin Lee says:

Someone please explain to me how the rules of figure skating work because I
don’t understand how Adelina won. Some people are saying Adelina had more
jumps than Yuna and that’s how she won. But that doesn’t make sense because
Mao had even more jumps than Adelina and Mao still got a lower score than
Adelina in long program. Mao jumps were technically way more difficult than
Adelina’s. And talking about artistry, Yuna, Mao and Catalina was just as
good or even more artistic than Adelina. If it was something that i could
understand or clearly see how Adelina won, I wouldn’t be this upset. It
just doesn’t make sense to me how Adelina received the highest score.

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