SOCHI 2014 – Speed Skating Double Dash Final

SOCHI 2014 – Speed Skating Double Dash Final

Men’s 500 metre In Sochi’s Baby Park Stadium. Created by Michael Shanks Contact: Commentary by Michael Sh…



Guy Kawasaki says:
Scott Cramer says:

*My kind of Olympics!*

C’mon people! We have the technology!!! ­čśë

Thanks +David Mills and +Jenny McDonnell!´╗┐

Rachid Otsmane-Elhaou says:

I always thought Speed Skating was rather boring.. That is, until I saw it
Mario Kart-ified!! :D´╗┐

Barron Pagtakhan says:

The Winter Olympics just got interesting!´╗┐

wrenthereaper says:

You somehow never fail to impress. This is hilarious! The commentary really
pulls it together.´╗┐

Unqualified Gamers says:

SOCHI 2014 Speed Skating meets Mario Kart: Double Dash, and the results are
pretty hilarious: #SOCHI #Olympics #mariokart #videogames #mashup #gaming
#parody #supermariokart´╗┐

Nuke Inbound says:

might be one of the only people who think this but id rather watch ACTUAL
speed skating…i mean even the commentary you put over this was extremely
poor trying to make out that people who commentate this Olympic sport sound
like that? ridiculous man did not get even a hint of a smile from this =´╗┐

Chris Heald says:
Firemarioflower says:

Nobody has 5 bananas at once!!!´╗┐

Jamesmn87 says:

Did they died!? D:´╗┐

Joseph Valdez says:

this is good!´╗┐

Christer ├śdeg├ąrd Pedersen says:

Ah, so that’s why everyone falls in speed skating.. ­čÖé

#sochi2014 #SpeedSkating #supermario ´╗┐

Brian Greene says:

Mario Kart this I can watch. XD
#mariokart #olympics2014
SOCHI 2014 – Speed Skating Double Dash Final´╗┐

MrBigEnchilada says:

i dont get it, so who won?´╗┐

Caleb Boland says:

Yes Nintendo 64 Mario cart!!!!!´╗┐

giounds says:

One of the dumbest videos on Youtube.´╗┐

Jason Lyons says:


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Mr. Rain and Thunder - relaxing sounds says:

That commentary.´╗┐

differentandalike says:

They must get a natural “high” doing this.´╗┐

James Evensen says:


DangAssDan says:

Baby Park is actually this deadly.´╗┐

Rafi Darta says:


Angolonerd says:

I stop playing Mario Kart 7 turn on my pc, and appear this video. LOL´╗┐

Mariana Alfaro says:


Jennifer Bevan says:

At first I thought it was a random artifact.. then I saw the ball…. Thank
you, Internet!´╗┐

Harry sullivan says:


Super Podcasto Magnifico! says:

I’d actually watch this Olympic Event. -El Blanco


JimERusselsTF2 says:

Baby Park, fuck yes.´╗┐

EpicBattleAxe says:

Who knew speed skating would do so well as a Mario Kart game? SOCHI 2014 –
Speed Skating Double Dash Final´╗┐

Matheus Tejo says:

If Olympics speed skating had Mario Kart rules…´╗┐

Elizabeth Kutz says:
EtherSalad says:

So…. just to be clear… blue shell killed everyone currently racing.
Except for the one stopping to eat the banana. Looks like he will go home
with potassium AND the gold medal =D´╗┐

Olivia Lolley says:

This is what happens when *Mario Kart* meets Olympic speed skating! ´╗┐

XfactorGaming says:

Hilarious. Thanks! ´╗┐

TheJapanChannelDcom says:

The best Olympic narration so far.´╗┐

YesFunnyYes says:

Skate Forest…Skattttteeee!!!!´╗┐

TechSource says:

This was entertaining.´╗┐

Willie D. says:

HAHAHA This is perfect! ´╗┐

AricDaNinja says:

‘Yes, he’s got a lot to do to catch up with Sven who is currently…
throwing bananas.’´╗┐

USabotage says:

YEEEE Mario kart.´╗┐

morefishscale says:

funny mario kart funny´╗┐

Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo says:

I expect Speed Skating Double Dash in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

angelikmayhem says:

What an ending!´╗┐

Annette Celia Rosemary says:

I cannoooot stop laughing omg!!´╗┐

HitFilm says:

What would the Sochi Winter Olympics Speed Skating Double Dash Final look
like if it was edited to look like Mario Kart? This imaginative VFX work
means you don’t have to imagine: SOCHI 2014 – Speed Skating Double Dash
Are there any other clever VFX re-edits you can think of?´╗┐

Cory Swanson says:

This would be worth watching…´╗┐

Dan Michael says:

So much excellent in one video

#mariokart ´╗┐

Greg Miernicki says:


Juan Montes says:

#Sochi2014 #Olympics #mariokart´╗┐

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