Top Olympics Uniform Fails!

Top Olympics Uniform Fails!

The Sochi Olympics of 2014 may be winding down, but the journey in the last two weeks has been tremendous for many athletes. From the United States to Great …



FullTimeDEVILS says:

Great video guys and hawt-dayum what’s the name of the bobsleigh lady?

Houdini7.62 says:

Rick your face reminds me of the guy from Ratatouille

DONA Zarlengodz says:

LeBron James, you are aReal Man.Did U ever live on Youngstown, Ohio? We
Need more men and women with u rtenacityGod bless.

rthelionheart says:

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but where I come from we wouldn’t
call 03:31 a failure, far from it actually, that’s called an enhancement

116skinnyboy says:

roses are red, violets are blue, i came for the ass, and so did you ;)

exlensic says:

1:32 — Where will *you* be when puberty strikes?

TFGTgames says:

Great British bobsled team are an embarrassment to GB -_-

FantasticDragon says:

I clicked on this video, then saw it was TYT…

Octavio Torres says:

that sway?

HebboFan says:


cyanidemaiden says:

Speedo LZR racer…..hmm, I could see this being used by life guards maybe
5:40…..yes, lol

Nick MacMillan says:

the same amount of likes as dislikes- lol

ILL Gotti says:

I had a feeling MIchael Phelps had no penis

thecooltonto says:

I disliked and flagged this for putting a naked butt as the picture to
advertise the video. I am SICK of seeing a naked butt recommended to me to

And I don’t know why youtube would even recommend this to me since I NEVER
watch the young turks. The young turks SUCK big time. I can’t stand them.
Their whole audience must be annoying know it all pricks like they are.

Best Fitness Bands says:

3:43 to skip forward to dat azz like I did. then closed video.

Tom Chambers says:

i was brutally conned by the thumbnail… half the video is two dudes
having a fucking pointless conversation….

kyle shadeck says:

um hey, sport fags, the lzr racer was absolutely beautiful. I can see that
you two are so dumb witted that you have no idea about anything at all, and
of course jump on the band wagon that swimming is a stupid sport, and its
all about football.

NHLHornsandSongs says:

This channel is shit

EAF 1 says:

(0:59) Advertising your youtube channel on your youtube channel -_-

Nic Chauvin says:

Why did I watch this? Those guys were incredibly boring.

C Swiss says:

Golf is an Olympic sport??

Jason Honingford says:

Wow this was dumb

Hayley Townsend says:

i like big butts and not lie

Benjaminb46 says:

Why does TYT have to give multiple minutes of BS with every video….this
video wouldn’t take but 30 seconds. Sometimes ill click on a video cause
the thumbnail and I get these goons…Its honestly worse then getting a good
ol’ fashioned “RickRolled”.

broadcastyoselffool says:

3:30 is that where the poo comes out?

sgr7th says:

that was a porno shot….Brazzers…

Renekton WizardLizard says:

TYT makes TMZ look like good people. What is life?


Incredibly boring…..i came here to look at that chick’s butt. 

Patuno ihmemies says:

2558 likes and 2558 dislikes
why so many dislikes

andy18cruz says:

They put the B in Boring!

NoirYorkCity says:

i prefer ass over tits

Matt D says:

Wow, it’s been a while since I seen Cooperalls!

UrintheTwilightZone says:

Thumbs up if you went straight to the ass scene!

bradhuygens says:

i hate it. Every single hockey video on the internet has this shit on the
recommended video.

WootTootZoot says:

From the photo, I don’t think Michael Phelps has genitals.

Jacob Eifert says:

i’m tired of seeing that thumbnail all over my youtube…. like wtf

Nibs Niven says:

I know sportscasters are not known for their intelligence, but these guys
really take the cake. I’m guessing their combined IQ is under 100. Wouldn’t
it be a good idea to hire people who can talk in complete sentences?

arthurthegreat says:

Do we really need this very ‘insightful’ analysis of each photo?! This
should be a 20 seconds video…

itscork says:

These “commentators” suck.
Truly bad. 

peddin420 says:

This is fuckin boring,
Snoozfest all the way….

Jeff Obi says:

wtf is this dumb shit? Youtube stop recommending crap

mike gioulis says:

What ur looking for is here 3:43

Harry Orchard says:

Something hot and throbbing…

5431marie says:

Why does this keep on showing up on related videos? Fucking annoying. 

Taco1011 says:

I’m kind of sick of seeing this shit all over the damn website. I can’t
watch any sports related video without seeing the thumbnail for this shitty

TYT Sports says:

Butt cracks and belly buttons; top #Olympics uniform fails!

ToonFightFan says:

And the best thumbnail ever award goes to…

lucas hellot says:

that ass though

iamtheone whoiamlight says:

I don’t see what’s wrong with having technology like this aid athletes to
break old records… I mean this is just a swimsuit made out of certain
cloth – it’s not like he’s using an electronic motor to do the swimming.

Also, this is not a harmful drug with long-term side health damage, where
everyone is getting pressured into using it… It’s just a harmless

Kobe Clutch says:

Damnnnn! dat ass is phat doe <3 Lol but in all seriousness I'd bang that

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