Jason Brown – 2014 US Nationals Exhibition – Can’t Touch This

Jason Brown – 2014 US Nationals Exhibition – Can’t Touch This

January 12, 2014 in Boston, MA.



Melissa Walsh says:

*Jason Brown* skating to *U Can’t Touch This* by MC Hammer.

Want to feel old? U Can’t Touch This had been out for nearly five years by
the time Jason Brown was born.

Emma Goudie says:


Gabby Kapel says:

I absolutely love the fact that he has fun with what he does even when he’s
at the Olympics! Love this guy! 

Zel Pozharruchyei says:

0:52 – 1:04 should be a gif that says “look at all the fucks I give”

Hotel July says:

Petition to get this kind of ice skating it’s own category in the Olympics 

Michelle Delamatter says:

Whatch this, it is very important

MaddiRoseCook says:

…Can I marry this guy? Like omfg, this is incredible XD

~WalkingForFun~ says:

I just fell in love with this,the ice skating, in most cases, it is
customary to be something peaceful and delicate, this guy just broke it,
making this ice skating, something incredible, gorgeous, lively and simply
exciting! <3

SoulCharizard says:

Just four words….. DAMN THAT WAS CRAZY!!! O_O

yugiohvampire says:


Dali Ruiz says:

I think I may have found a reason to get into ice skating,

SunnasChariot says:

MC Hammer approves. :)

uutuber431 says:

so deliciously cheesyy!!!!

Mario De Luca says:

I don’t like ice skating but with this song i have a rocket in my pants!

Martin Gardner says:

Not a single fuck was given that day.

Dazzling Discort says:

I love this so much now.
Jason you fricken dork

arxiSigma says:


Ace Colby says:

jason you dork dont ever change

James Hunt says:

I have no words!!!

topbunkdd89 says:

Just another reason to love Jason Brown

Yuri Chwi says:

Now THAT’S the kind of ice skating I could watch

Trevor Nchinda says:

I nearly fainted trying it

Katherine Zigmont says:

Never been rooting for someone to win the Olympic Gold so very much! :)

Narumi Kimihoru says:

#JasonBrown #US #USNationalsexhibition #youtube #figureskating 

SirMarchboy223 says:

omfg he won gold right?

Mick Jigger says:

Damn! Smooth as hell.

SevereOtaku Namikaze says:

This guy is a boss!

Wikling says:

This video gives me life.

DelusionalDarcy says:

OMG! How I just adore Jason. I am not huge fan of men’s figure skating, but
once in a while I find men I love and JB on my very short list. 

sakura.pink says:

He is a great entertainer !

MrJeff1256 says:

This is great! Performances like this is what makes skating fun to watch.

Jackie Perez says:

this is fabulous

Tia K says:

This guy is something special. Truly an entertainer blessed with huge
amount of talent. Makes me smile.

Maya Hotz says:

this is so perfect, Olympic quality

Sierra Wickham says:

couldn’t watch it just once, he’s so into it and it doesn’t seem forced or
anything, and everybody can tell he’s having the time of his life out there

Raruna says:


xtinneee says:

Another reason I love Jason Brown. And it makes me love my sport that much

illwAit4you4eternity says:

jason fucking brown ladies and gentlemen. i have no words i just stared at
the screen and it’s just wow

Gvantsa Tandilashvili says:

this makes me want to learn how to skate o.o

natcat says:

He was simply amazing and the crowd was so supportive!

Shaorei Pamatz says:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

Victoria D.E.R says:


Leah Higgins says:

Did he win anything for this?

Ash Nox says:

this made me laugh so hard. just prefect xD aah

nicholas bahry says:

He is good

Raina Shizas says:

Who disliked this? This is so perfect

szbabyca says:

Oh, yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!! :)

anya c says:

oh my god

William Geronimo Ervin says:

I think he half black with them moves he displays

alissa chen says:


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