Yuna Kim Relives Her Golden Olympic Performance | Olympic Rewind

Yuna Kim Relives Her Golden Olympic Performance | Olympic Rewind

The Republic of Korea’s Youth Olympic Games Ambassador; Yuna Kim talks us through her incredible performance at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and r…



Olympics says:

Ever wondered what went through Yuna Kim’s mind during her unforgettable
performance in Vancouver? Watch our exclusive interview to find out!

Olympics says:

Some great memories from the Vancouver Winter Games here, Who is looking
forward to the Figure Skating at Sochi 2014?

Olympics says:

Remember to switch on the closed captions ‘CC’ for English subtitles!

musicluver8956 says:

Ughhhh Mao is so much better than her. Wish she won gold, she deserved it
after all she’s been through. Queen MAO

Olympics says:

Remember to check out the #chickenorbeef series with Yuna Kim!

Chicken Or Beef? Ft. Yuna Kim

riffgroove says:

I am moved to tears watching this girl skate.
How can you judge this?
You can’t.
The world is a darker place since you retired, Angel.
You are missed.

Lord Byron says:

You are definitely a Bond Girl — beautiful, exotic, sultry, unique and
passionate. Your performance was a triple gold performance. Your short
program and free skate will go down as one of the greatest in Olympic
history. Thank you for posting and sharing with us. 

花岡佑哉 says:

Kim yona is a bush-league skater.She bought a gold and silver medal by a
bribe.Kim Yuna robbed the honor from the fair victors .

Ruffiesz says:

She really is an incredible lady.

Watermelonspice97 says:

She got robbed 

HQDivinity says:

Yuna is the best! <3

kyootnshort says:

lol Can she be any cuter? I want a commentary on every skate she’s done by
her. She’s beautiful on ice and adorable in person.

Stephanie Sousa says:

she should have won in sochi ¬¬’

Yeorim Yoon says:

Queen Gold Yuna!
Always be happy.

Joonho Yang says:

The best female figure skater the world ever had and ever will. First to
achieve grand-slam in women figure skating(olympics, world championship,
grand prix final, 4CC). 11 times new world records(6shorts, 3frees,
3totals). First to attain over 200 score as female figure skater. She is
the only female skater who swept all podium in every single competition she
ever fought for(even with all kinds of injuries). This
is amazing considering “figure skating” is quite a sport that you cannot
guarantee your consistency. even for male skaters, the only one who was
able to do this was good old Dick Button. Funny thing is that she didn’t
even have decent skate shoes, neither a figure skating rink in korea when
she firstr started(well the figure skating rink… even till now). Well
known for her generousity as well donating over $3million just officially
so far.

Taehee Kim says:

Yuna Queen was robbed..

M. angella says:

天上天下唯我獨 yu nA

Laura Lala says:

That grace is not human O.O

juc62 says:

Skating not just Skating because of YUNA..

Maggie O. says:

Just beautiful, there were absolutely no doubts that she deserved that

HAPPYOWLify says:

Beautiful Yuna!!!

Rushdifa Khan says:

she is good :)

Kaylee Sturiddge says:

I will miss her so much

Maria Gomez says:

I hope the Olympics corporation is able to see all these comments so they
know that WE know that Yuna was robbed. She deserved that gold.

iforexo says:

She is so beautiful and graceful, I’m sad this is her last competition but
I’m happy for her cos she gets to rest :3 Kim Yuna you are the best

julia kim says:

She wins because she deserves it. She does well cause she put all that time
and engergy into what she loves

Google3000 says:

Hi olympics ! Do you know? 2014 olympics women figure skating. . But
japanese technical three . . . There is no Justice !

Luke Ted says:

The power of Queen YUNA still exists. Hope she enjoys the last olympic ! 

Anne Chong says:

Kim Yuna I love you!!!!

Yuna Queen says:

You are GREAT! Yuna. 

Chawng-su O says:

노력하는 당신이 멋집니다. 화이팅!!

john wing kay Ip says:

I love you forever yuna.

tanita1213 says:

Yuna Kim, in order to beat the world record had to beat her own record 11

Yuni Lee says:

she deserved it like no one else

noha el gebaly says:

NO SUBTITLES !!!!!!!!!! 🙁 I want to know what she is saying :(

Ping Jung Hsieh says:
WonderfulRocket says:

Long live Queen Yuna!

Harry Lim says:

She will win fosho

JinHui Lee says:


오월의밤 says:

연아선수 그동안 많은 감동을 주셔서 감사해요~
소치에서 마지막으로 잊지 못할 인생을 써 내려가세요^o^
정말 사랑해요♥

박현경 says:

존나 이쁘다

김문선 says:

연아언니 소치에서 부담갖지말고 그냥 즐기다오세요!사랑합니다!

양은서 says:

What is the music of this video?

김홍석 says:

그냥 최고다 최고 ㅠㅠ

yu sally says:

yuna best ~~

Chris M says:

Where are the subtitles? :(

juc62 says:


MirroTea says:

Wooow Yuna Kim’s so awesome *-*

begin1226 says:

The subs are quite inaccurate? She didn’t say anything about already

DDactFul says:


Queen Yuna

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