Yuzuru Hanyu Breaks Olympic Record – Full Short Program | #Sochi365

Yuzuru Hanyu Breaks Olympic Record – Full Short Program | #Sochi365

13th February 2014 Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu set a new Olympic points record with his Short Program performance in the men’s Figure Skating event at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Hanyu’s…



HiroOntokki says:

OMG!! Thank you so much! 😀 the best performace of the Olympics Sochi and
one of the best from Yuzuru Hanyu <3

Namira Shock says:

Thank you for uploading! 

Shampoo Neko says:

Marvelous, unique, unreal, amazing Ice Prince <3
I love you Yuzu-kun, you're really inspiring... happy 101,45 anniversary! 

LuKasAV6 says:

If I had to skate after that performance, I’d just withdraw – LOL! Just
kidding, but that was amazing – one of the best SPs ever!

Emily S says:


asri rmu says:



Ryan Wilkinson says:

The best in the world.

Eliana Allison Porras Celis says:

Yuzuru Hanyu, can he be any more amazing? :’)

BiiiiGD says:

What a wonderful programme, everything from the jumps to the spins to the
choreography was fantastic.

Mandy Lazio says:

Can’t believe it’s a year now! Great valentine gift for his fans!

kiwame nakinashi says:

✿◕‿◕ 。♡ You are the Best

skate channel 2014 says:

YUZURU is not a figure skater, but he is an ARTIST‼︎

hyuns88 says:

We can finally see the official version :)

kristy chan says:

upload Mao Asada’s Free Skating please 

ari elle says:

The program that turned me into a figure skating fan. 

Markstop thatshit says:

ohgod, FINALLY~!! We had to wait a whole frickin year till this gets
uploaded on youtube. Yuzu, you are such an inspirational skater. So proud
of you. I hope you recover soon *:)* *love from Argentina~! :D*

lifeablast says:

Finally after 365days we got to see this Olympic record
performance…101.45 moment perfect Yuzuru Hanyu

VincentCarter0 says:

I wish I could favorite this a hundred times. That was beautiful.

Marth Lowell says:

He’s so amazing! I love you Yuzu!

danielbargs says:

That was a priceless reaction!

The humbleness is oozing. Typical Japanese attitude. Good boy.

razilia1516 says:

Thank you Olympics, you heeded our request!!!!! Now I can replay Yuzu-
kun’s best SP forever!!!!! *watches again* Most amazing ever!!! This
performance made me love figure skating! Yuzu- kun made me love
figure skating! Thanks for this #Sochi365 moment! We’ll be waiting for what
more this gem would do! Gambatte Yuzu- kun!!!!!

Airat Mirsayapov says:

Please upload Carolina Kostner’s and Mao Asada’s Free Skating!

cocococotube says:

Phew! Yuzuru, this screen shows your performance much larger and clear. I
love watching on “P Walkways” over and over again. It is the best figure
ice skating program ever in its history I must say.
Yuzuru, Listen to me,ok? Rock, Jazz and R&B, you have to try them more as
it makes you perfect! Be Cool for me forever, honey. That is my boy.

dls says:

It’s like watching an ice show, not a competition.
That’s when you know you got a talented and amazing Figure Skater.

Yuzuru definitely deserved his World Record Score here!

Devilsmileyz says:

yesss!!!! finally! thanks so much! this historic sp should be shared to
many 🙂 

redbutterfly456 says:

YES! I’ve been waiting for this! I remember this was what made me fall in
love with Yuzuru and his skating, it’s absolutely beautiful! Words cannot
express what a talent he is

鍾芳庭 says:

YA!! Love the short program so much. Yuzuru is amazing!!!!

Frances KAO says:

Finally, after 365 days, I can see it in YouTube. What a way to celebrate
the anniversary of first 100 points breaking program.

sayasaras says:

watching this again in 2015. still as amazing as the first time i watched

nonez IMHO says:

yes the record breaking SP of all time and its his one year anniversary

Xiao Lishi says:

Oh my gosh!!! Finally this is uploaded!!!! Way to go Yuzuru-kun!!!

cindy 219 says:

「Yuzuru Hanyu Breaks Olympic Record – Full Short Program | #Sochi365」:

Liam Nemo says:

Omg I have been waiting for this for soooo long.

kotoriceleste says:

Best short program ever. Happy anniversary Yuzuru. 

Rosekirachan says:

Finally! It’s about time an official version is uploaded on YT! :D

hikari1106ss says:

FINALLY!! My favourite moment of Sochi Olympic! 

un5qtg says:

How cute he was when he said to his coach “I did it ! ” and laughed after
his perfect performance!

Alia Jackson says:


Isi way says:

Finally it’s available on Youtube!!
This is the program that changed my life. Before the Olympics began I only
knew Plushenko and thought: “Oh well, let’s see if he can add another title
… ” But then I saw this and was totally in love with Yuzu ♥ I never
thought it would be possible to amaze me so much that way. I’m so happy he
won! He really deserves it! I’m looking forward to Worlds 2015 which is
already tomorrow O.o Good luck, Yuzu, your fans are loving you!! ♥♥

hellosmakaka says:


Annalyn Molina says:

羽生 結弦 amazing! :)

Teng Som says:

We had to wait a whole year and i proud of you. I hope you recover soon

TheSara90 says:


lynne fara says:

Finally. Waiting so long for this

CookiesTriedToEatMe says:

That “I did it.” WAS SO CUTE
His relationship with his coach is so sweet

liberman7 says:

Ya era hora de que lo subieran completo, gracias! No lo puedo creer ya hace
un año que me enamoré jajajajaja!!! Yuzu mi vida ya te quiero ver en el
mundial haciendo otro record en tu FS. Tambien soy de Argentina.

Choan Tran says:

Dear Yuzu, you’re amazing!
Happy Valentines Day!

nishinoyuu says:


Аконя Деева says:

so talented! 

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