YUNA KIM from NBC (미국방송에 나온 김연아) ~~♡

YUNA KIM from NBC (미국방송에 나온 김연아) ~~♡

Katarina Witt (German Figure Skater) “Shame Gold Medal, Yuna Kim is a real queen” Bill Plaschke (American Sports Journalist) “Kim didn’t win…unbelievable…..



Faye Summers says:

I didn’t hate Russia before, but I definitely do now.

Charlotte Watson says:

yuna is another level. she and her performance looks like in sky or heaven
something like those so medal’s colour couldn’t judge her just champion,
whatever. she is very queen also her legendary programs and the only tango
on the ice will be remembered forever. she wrote a huge and fantastic
history. even if some fly bug that wears ugly skin tone gloves and was born
in russia is running wildly around the Milo-Venus, venus is venus and yuna
is yuna. that’s a point. all hail the queen, and long live the queen! we’ll
miss you during this sport is existing.

seona park says:

이상하네요 김연아선수 점수가 발표된직후 소트니코바의 놀란 표정이 없이 마치 이미 알고있었다는 즐거운 표정.. 정말 수상합니다.. 어떻게
이럴수있죠.. 국제대회 점수느 패턴이 있는데 아무리 수행을 잘했어도 엣지 컨틀롤, 점프의 질, 각종 티렌지션 등은 한순간에 20점이상
껑충 높여질수 없는 것인데…이렇게 소트니 평소 기량 대비 엄청 높게 받았고, 김연아선수는 13년 세계선수권에서 완벽히 수행한 경우
점수보다 도 아주 낮게나왔는데.. 소트니는 전혀 놀라는 기색이 없네요…진심 수상합니다..

msk2808 says:

Ugly Rossia robbed crown from Yuna.
Shame on you all cheering Rossians!!!!

Sherry Yue says:

Kim had one fewer triple jump & received lower marks on both her jumps &
her layback, but who cares? And how in the world did Adelina outscore Mao
and come close to Kim’s Olympic record score with such a passionless
skate? Over inflated, Grrrrr!!!! I almost cried watching Yuna’s program.
Sandra Bezic called it correctly. I will also miss Yuna’s gentle, humble
nature – traits of a true champion.

박은지 says:

She can smile with that result because she is a queen

swimmingmintinyoutub says:

figure skating is dead to me now. disgusting. 

24hrsbou says:

BBC commentator Robin Cousins said,

” Yuna Kim is the grand dame of skating, a beautiful woman on and off the
ice. She has such a graceful, classic style.”
“There are some other excellent skaters, notably the Russians, but they are
mainly kids. This contest is a woman versus girls and I take the woman to
win and become the world’s skating sweetheart ”

David Wilson, the choreographer said “Adios Nonino” is the most difficult
FREE LONG program ONLY Yuna can perform this high level among the figure
and it will become one of the best Legendary program along with all her
programs including her artistic Exhibition programs !!! 

김현 says:

1년전부터 금메달만들기 프로젝트에 들어간 러시아연맹 그리고 저 양심없는 솥뚜껑뇬 점수전부터 이미 금메달확정인냥 디펜딩챔피언이
클린한연기를 보고도 저리 좋아하는거보니 진심 드럽고 역겨워 토나올정도다 

Men's guitar says:

real queen

heeyon beom says:

Please watch her performance from NBC!!!

desglacons says:

Beautiful Olympic Gold Medal performance!

Cyril Jordan Jaime says:

Yuna seems happy about the results haha 🙂 she’s like “you can have it”

Beomki Lee says:

The final result does not make any sense…

hyunniecute says:

Adelina has a medal in her hands but it shouldn’t be the gold.

Jongrok Kim says:

How figure skating can be this graceful!!! She is in her own league

Adam Smith says:

This step is level 3????
Unbelievable!!!!! It’s UNFAIR!

J.D. Han says:

Yuna’s smile so beautiful.
You are real queen. Thank you. I was happy for you 

Minkyung Massey says:

우리나라 방송에서 하는 것에서보다 NBC 방송을 보니. 알겠네요. 연아 선수의 깔끔하고 완벽한 연기를 저렇게 잘 잡아
줬는데……. 정말 어이 없습니다.

dlfwn5082 says:

nbc방송으로 보니까 연아 속도 전혀 안느린데? 

mkrdjs says:

Yuna Kim wins the Gold!!! (-: 2 flawless, gorgeous and elegant
performances!!! I’m a Filipino and we don’t have too many exposures to
figure skating but i was able to familiarize myself with the sports because
of the influence of Ms. Yuna Kim. She performs every jump with perfection.
When I watch her, I could identify and differentiate one type of jump from
another because her executions were remarkable (very light on the take-off
and very smooth on the landings). Her spins were not as difficult compared
to other skaters buy still, they were executed with artistry and enough
flexibility. Her musicality and expression are also superior to all the
other skaters. It really saddens me that she was deprived of the gold
medal… Sotnikova is good and also deserves a medal but not gold because
of what I saw in her short program and long program presentations.
Comparing the short programs of Yuna and Sotnikova, they did not present a
huge difference in terms of technicality and base value but Yuna executed
it better. In fact Yuna had triple lutz-triple toe loop combination where
she seemed to fly effortlessly compared to Sotnikova;s triple flip-triple
toe-loop combination which was executed with obvious difficulty.Then why
did their scores were so close in the short program. If the judges gave
Yuna Kim the GOE scores she deserves in each program components during the
short program, she should have gotten at least a score of 78 (which she
also got during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics) NOT 74.92… People are
contending that the technical aspect of Sotnikova’s long program was 3.59
points more difficult than that of Yuna Kim that’s why Sotnikova had
greater edge than Yuna in the long program. But, if again, the judges have
given Yuna Kim the GOEs she deserves in the long program, which she
consistently receiving from her previous competitions, that 3.59 points
will definitely be overshadowed. I am also convinced that Sotnikova’s
skating ability, artistry, musicality, flexibility and jumping skills will
not drastically improve in a short period of time that she was given a
highly inflated scores during the Sochi Olympics compared to her previous

lutz84 says:

The key to Sonitkova’s win is the technical judge – who gave her awful
triple flutz 2.5 toe Full credit … None of the commentators said anything
– why? Because its not easy to see (which is why we need a tech judge) …
That, alone, is at least three points …

Why is this step seq level three? Again, the tech judge

Why did one judge give sonitkova almost three across the board? And only
gave yuna ones?

By stealing the goal here, the Russian officials not only killed skating,
they betrayed the spirit of the olympics and disgraced their nation – to a
cheering crowd who obviously don’t care about skating

eric251982 says:

Should have won the gold.

장민경 says:

Still so sad…. 

anstofl says:

Queen Yuna didn’t lose.
Sochi 2014 olympic and IOC LOST.
Yuna is Yuna!
God save the Queen Yuna!
Long live the Queen Yuna!
Adios Queen Yuna!
Thank you Queen Yuna!

williamycy says:

We know that yuna will retire and I won’t be surprised if that russian, who
calls herself a skater will retire as well. I mean how could she skate
again? She will only make a fool out of herself and her sorry ass country.

ncjuppiter says:

so robbed.

Angelababy W.Y.Chen says:

do u have the video of this program???

swithannah says:

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ되게 잘찍으셨어요. 중간에 쾅하는 소리 깜놀 ㅋㅋㅋ

feilovelyy says:

Ugly sotnikova fuck, Ruskies should have ashamed of injustice in sochi.
Omg Queen Yuna is beautiful,graceful,speedy,jumping high. Anyway give Yuna
Gold Medal ladies figure skate in sochi Olympics ,Please!

smith kim says:

듣보잡이.. 디펜딩 챔피언이 클린연기를 했는데…
초조해야 정상인데 아무리 짜고쳤다지만.. 아직 키크존에 앉지도 않았는데..이미 본인 금메달 정해진거 아는 사람처럼
아주그냥 세어나오는 웃음을 참지 못하고 오두방정을
떨고 있군요.. 저런 뻔뻔함에 더 화가나는거다..

라 보엠 says:

True gold medalist

Ryan Wilkinson says:

So so wrong…

jassy8824 says:

원본을 올려주심 안될까요??? 안타깝네… 이거…

장민경 says:

Still so sad…. 

Ocean Le says:

Just wrong.

Caro Carpi says:

It’s a Disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jassy8824 says:

Ioc에서 올린거랑 왜 이렇게 달라???? 엄청 빠르네??? 뭐니???? 헐?????? 뭐여??? 어머머머!!

카메라도 조작해서 올렸던거여??? 그것들이????????????????

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