Unique Trends in Sports Fan Gifts

Unique Trends in Sports Fan Gifts

If you know a sports fan well enough, you know that they 1) have everything possible with their favorite teams logo on it and 2) wear and use those items proudly. So, when you run out of ideas (like I did) where do you turn? After a little research, I found a few of the hottest trends in gifts for the sports nut in your life (to help you get a jump on Christmas)


Specialty Golf Balls

Oh my goodness. I LOVE these and so did my golf obsessed father. I am pretty sure that my dad wears his golf shoes to bed. After pretty much growing up on a fairway, I (like many other women) have accepted that he will never change. Plus, there are much worse things he could be doing! So, I had a dozen golf balls printed up with “Eye of the TIGER” on them. I simply can not WAIT to give them to him this year.


Beer Belt

For the hardcore team sports fan who believe that beer and sports are inseparable, this is the gift for you. Holding half a dozen beers, or a pre-game half pack, this handy belt is not quite as embarrassing as the swirly straw beer hat, but will also hold your pants up.


Stadium Dirt

The cream of the crop. Stadium dirt. Seriously, this is an actual collection of dirt from the top sports stadiums in the United States. If you can’t bring them to the field, bring the field to them (I guess).



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