Tim & Sid: Canada’s golden girls

Tim & Sid: Canada’s golden girls

Tim and Sid react following the Canadian women defeating the U.S. in overtime to win the gold medal.



Forerunner Justin says:


Kico Vetti says:

LOL 0:16 Buddy throws his pen at the same time the music kicks in. For a
fraction of a second I thought his pen fucked a bunch of shit up.

Brian Glazer says:

Sid was more black than the black guy

JaziB says:


Tom Man says:

Funny. Good job canada. 

Whistleblower says:

Hockey brings the kid out in everyone

Edward Pollard says:
ml k says:

The Olympics are winding down.

My kids were at school and watched the women sweep gold from near defeat
and later cheered as the men advanced to the gold medal game by their hard
skating, take it to the net play.

So one last cheer for the women. Cuz I know my kids jumped up and down and

Cavalier Thompson says:

like I said before #myniggaz, BEST REACTION ON RADIO EVER!!!!!!

Zee Dee says:

tim and sid are legends

sheslostcontrol24 says:


Maple Leafs says:


Michael Bickerton says:

Deal with it, HA

Musaddique Rahman says:

Once Sid threw his pen, I thought he broke something, only to find out the
music started

channelswimmer says:

Is that Anson Carter, Kevin Weekes, or Kofi Annan?

Brian Renn says:
Stabalized says:

Americans in the comments… eveywhere

pepelepew2006 says:

They should have played that Cypress Hill song……

nutcracker says:

red and white, deal with it:D

HooperWest says:

Canadian Girls Rock!

kalex888 says:

Hey Tim and Sid, I hope you are going to have some of the players on your
show and hopefully in studio. 

Jay Singh says:

lol @ statue of liberty pose by the bald dude!!

lds mum says:

Love the energy and passion! Exactly how I felt:)

tertessa says:

Good one GUYS!!!!

jerkfacebg says:

Red and white deal with it 

Mr Mathews says:

new ringtone 

oldirtybrza says:

Lots of comments about how getting this excited is bad, like it’s
unsportsmanlike. I shall break it down for you boneheads:
— There is a distinct rivalry in hockey between America, Russia and Canada.
— It was overtime, meaning the normal game time had already been played
— This was the winning goal
— This was also a Gold medal match
— This was also the FOURTH consecutive gold medal for the Canadian women’s
hockey team
— The woman who shot the winning goal did the same thing for Canadian
women’s hockey at the previous winter Olympics
— Can we not just enjoy some competition in a friendly way?

Nessa Wolff says:

The women’s finals definitely was the most exciting event in the Olympics
this year-a better game than the men’s this year IMO 

FN Anderson says:

in a ya mout!!!

Marcelo Azocar says:


Hans Johnson says:

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”

“Gold medal in the face!”

fardaypu says:

knock knock, whos there? a gold medal in the face.a gold medal in face who?

Camille Vaughan says:

Best knock knock joke of my life!

Brad D says:

love the “knock knock who’s there”
“GOLD MEDAL in the face… that’s who’s there”

Roxixane456 says:

I need one of those light-horn things.

Supesfan88 says:

Honestly, whenever I’ve felt down lately I always come and watch this video
and it makes me both extremely happy and proud to be Canadian. It was an
awesome moment!

Ziaw says:

That black guy came off a lil gay.

Jospin Hudson says:

Plz watch (Roblox New Soundtrack) by: Jospin Hudson

Derek Regan says:

I’m actually watching Tim and Sid this second 

Haiger says:

Fucking Legend 

Tom Tsakirakis says:

Knock knock,

Who’s there?

A gold medal to the face!!!!

That’s who’s there!!!!!

I spit most of my coffee on my laptop, pissed out laughing.

Boss Reaction if I ever saw one. 

Harley Kock says:


mackie08 says:

Hahaha! Yes!! Go Canada! You owned it!!!


Maybe USA will beat us ummmmmmmmmmmmmm never

Benjamin Dennis says:

I watched this too many times also sid’s eyebrows are just horrible

MowizosCrib says:


amorous bellylint says:

red and white! Wooooo!! lol so good!

flashxm1 says:


Canadian.Whites says:

This never gets old. LMAO

Maria Cristina Cortellucci says:

This clip made my life! Love Tim and Sid! You did Canada proud, Ladies!!

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