sildigra 100mg

sildigra 100mg

Sildigra 100mg
Sildigra is a medication widely prescribed by doctors for treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you never had problems in that department you may wonder just what these medications are for. In short, they are used to solve the problems with erection (gaining and maintaining it), thus assuring normal sexual performance and duration without unpleasant surprises.
Sildigra is a generic version of its brand name counterpart prescribed for treating ED. Sildigra belongs to a category of drugs called the PDE5 inhibitors. In other words, Sildigra inhibits PDE5 which degrades the chemical responsible for erection. Sildigra makes use an active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate to induce erections in men whey they are sexually excited. Once the action of PDE5 is stopped, the flow of blood to male reproductive organ increases which results in erection process.
How to use Siligra 100mg .?
Sildigra uses the same active ingredient as many other erectile dysfunction medications and its mechanism and dynamics are the same. It helps you achieve strong, reliable erections and maintain them throughout the intercourse. Not only that, it helps you with your erection for up to four hours. What is the use of sildenafil citrate
Side Effects
Most generally healthy people do not have serious side effects from Sildigra. Still, the pill may cause some minor side effects, such as
stuffy nose
How should it be stored?
Sildigra should be stored in its original package and protect from direct contact of heat and moisture.
Keep this drug away from the reach of children.
Sildigra should not be taken simultaneously with grapefruit and grapefruit juice. It should also be avoided in people who are taking drugs containing nitrate, such as those prescribed for chest pain and heart problems. It should also be not used in combination with the so-called “poppers,” products containing amyl or butyl nitrite. People allergic to one or more components of Sildigra should not use it or consult a doctor before using it. The same goes for people with any kind of chronic disease.
Sildigra comes in 100 mg gelatin capsules that are easy to swallow and should start working within 15 minutes after oral intake. Eating fatty or greasy foods prior to taking Sildigra may slightly delay its action.
Sildigra should be used only as recommended. It is best to consult a doctor before starting it. Make sure you never exceed the recommended daily intake of the drug, meaning you should never take more than one pill per day. Prolonged or continuous usage is not encouraged.
Where to buy Sildigra?
Many men compare Sildigra with Viagra and do not understand why to buy the Indian analogue if there is a popular brand Viagra. The differences between these drugs is that Sildigra costs by 3-4 times more expensive that Sildigra, and the mechanism of the action and efficiency of these drugs are completely identical.
If you do not want to overpay for the promoted “brand”, you can buy Sildigra and make sure in the efficiency of the drug. You will hardly find cheap Sildigra in the city pharmacies because it is more profitable for the pharmacy chains to sell expensive drugs and get more profit. But there is always another solution.



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