Sexy Female Winter Olympics Athletes Sochi 2014

Sexy Female Winter Olympics Athletes Sochi 2014

Who gets gold, silver and bronze medal? Comment! Music: Do What I Do – William Davies, Dag Torgersbraten, Ian Tunstall



realSoundz says:

Tina Maze wooooooo!

xNOORx says:

where the fuck is maria sharapova ?

neyol lama says:

aint nobody got time for winter olympics world cup is coming

Rzhq says:

Too skinny

scaperist says:

Well, it’s time to fap.

Don Dee says:

Lindsey Vonn bad tho!!!!!!!

Bertie Blue says:

and people think athletes aren’t self obsessed that they take part cos they
love the sport lol

Twiggi Brandyberry says:

Snowboarding has the best girls! Silje is the best btw.

Thomas Ward says:

More videos like these please… Giggity.

Chris Goldthorpe says:

music sux

Gerardo Gutierrez says:

most of them are sexy but they got less hot towards the end

kirbsmeister2 says:

Not that I’m complaining, but it saddens me a bit that even olympic
athletes will stoop to nudie pictures.
I mean, shouldn’t they be proof that women can be more than just sexualised
and rise above it? 

The Mod says:

Scandinavians produce some very, very nice skirt 😉 

Rob Fraser says:

Bit odd, a British channel and no British stars to big up, nice morale
boost TS :/

I’d still take Eve Muirhead any day, her eyes are mesmerising, even if she
is a curler.

Jackson Warren says:

watched the whole thing yet no spencer o`brien from canada snowboarding…
what a travesty.

Jim Beshears says:

Nice job finding the crappiest music around to screw up what would have
been an enjoyable 3 minutes.

Matty Todd says:

I’m guessing he does what he does?

stuff from Nick says:


pablo dalisay says:

world attention was shifted from sochi olympics to crimea ukraine,russia to
malaysian missing airplane

Aron van Gooswilligen says:

i love the snowboard girls!

Dudleif says:

Forgot Therese Johaug…

Wilson Martin says:

Clair Bidez might be the most attractive human ever.

master ronar says:

very nice

agubaia says:

The Pretties and Gorgeous Girla are in Scandinavia 

Dani Mizuta says:

damn hot!

pugfugly1989 says:

Unfortunately, the majority of Canadian female athletes are either still in
highschool or moms, so they aren’t doing photoshoots or showing off how hot
they are.

Ders JuanPablo says:

skrew the U.S. literally i would skrew all of those americans



Weirduncle Bob says:

Linn Haug gold, silver and bronze. Gorgeous :D

B Erectus says:

Couldn’t watch the whole thing. Music was too insipid – I had to quit.

Quinroll Clara says:

aghhhhh here we go again

mc68575621 says:

70% us females :C

Clancy Wiggum says:

that was better than i thought it was gonna be! absolute stunners all of
them! thanks for sharing :D

StudentDoc1000 says:

Is there any way someone can give me the Russian Mail Bride customer
service number?

Taylor Mcalpine says:


rainbowranddy says:

“he just do what he do…”

Anibal Arauz says:

they look even more beautiful when performing their sports

Bhavin Rokad says:


MrCoreylax says:

Silje Norendal is the hottest and is a sick snow boarder

Bosse Johansson says:

Where is Therese Jouhaug????

BarDownSnipes 71 says:

U forgot a lot of people from hockey

Brandon says:

What is this?

matt stackhouse says:

scandinavian girls are WAAAAAAY better than anything which America has to

Hemal Tailor says:

I must have been looking away when great Britain’s ladies were on? 

BallaRepublica says:

i go for sidorova and silje

Mors Inimicis says:

Holy shit. Imagine walking into a room with all of em! Um…over prior to
beginning ;(

Евгений Карасев says:

Urgently fly to Sochi!

pierre ibrahim says:

this is very cockteasing

FriskeyXBacon says:

Where’s canada?

Bora Bora says:


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