Left With Memories – @JayFluent ft AlbertPosis #LoveCycle Mixtape

Left With Memories – @JayFluent ft AlbertPosis #LoveCycle Mixtape

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“LEFT WITH MEMORIES” – JayFluent x Albert Posis Download Link Click Here t.co Love Cycle Track #10 MV – KevinCaoArt Lyrics: [Hook: AP] I’ll never understand what happened to us You were my everything, we were so in love You know you were my world My one and only girl Cherished every moment we shared when I was yours Why’d you have to move on I can’t believe that you’re gone I never wanted us to end this way You shoulda stayed with me But now I’m just left with memories [Verse 1: JayFluent] These summer nights are over, I guess the flame too And when the time passed, I wonder when it changed you Was it the distance for instance or when we couldn’t speak The fact I was missing you too much throughout the week Blowing up your celly, probably thought I was a nuisance ‘Cause the thought of me losing you would have put me through these ruins Can’t pinpoint the exact time and place Sometimes pressure don’t make diamonds wait I thought you said we meant something, I guess not Feelings of getting played hard, ex box Ex man, I guess I was less than What I thought of me from her perception Texting, but never getting replies Always making calls, but always getting denied I can’t keep up with these lies Used to make me feel alive I guess it’s killing me on the inside [Hook] [Verse 2: JayFluent] You see I never thought of me in this scenario ‘Cause last month she was getting piped like she’s Mario Coulda sworn Cupid shot the arrow though With a spartan-like force from the aerial Hearts




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