How to manipulate scores in Figure Skating? Sochi Scandal Olympics 2014, Adelina Sotnikova Yuna Kim

How to manipulate scores in Figure Skating? Sochi Scandal Olympics 2014, Adelina Sotnikova Yuna Kim

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Barone 8 says:

What program did you use to make this presentation? It’s awesome

ktyz914 says:

Fake gold medal cannot go long..
Thief will have fatality.

ktyz914 says:

Fake gold medal cannot go long..
Thief will have fatality.

Eun Ja Kim says:

In the short program, there were judges from Russia, USA, Japan, and
Italy. All were intent on keeping Kim’s score low enough so she could be
beaten should she fall. Look at the fervor with which Ashley Wagner and
Gold were promoted. Wagner was even elevated to the team at the expense of
Nagasu, who had as good a shot to medal. The US women were featured in
commercials of corporate sponsors. They were golden girls – a lot was
invested for their success. Italy felt Kostner was a gold medal contender
since she has won worlds, though it’s well known she’s not Kim’s equal.
Asada was once Kim’s equal until she was left behind. So people keep
talking about the long program but the inadvertent collusion started in the
short. They all wanted to keep Kim within range so she could be beaten if
she made a mistake.

eunjoo oh says:

Please erase korean subtitle….

JinJoo Khang says:


Sun Yi says:

Yuna Kim is a champiom in Sochi olympic.

desglacons says:

Congratulations Yu Na 2 time Olympic Champion! 

kim jihoon says:


Caro Carpi says:

Schande über euch preisrichter!
Shame on you, JUDGES!

스텔라유주 says:

It is what the real fact is.

Clarissa Florence says:

wow you made this? this is superbly awesomee :D

나타샤 says:

Yuna the real champion~!!!!!!!!!

choi241500 says:

Wow good ~~ this is the true !!

Elenariel Elena says:

Since the one at the previous link was removed, here’s another video on how
the Ladies Sochi FS’ scoring was a farce.

오정민 says:

Sotnikova’s score is as clean as mixture of dioxin soup and polonium tea.

Howie ch says:

Awesome video…

Se Hyung Park says:

Sotnikova’s performance was the equivalent of a little-known sprinter
improving his best time from 10.5 seconds to 9.6 in just four weeks to beat
world record holder Usain Bolt over 100 metres

deresa yang says:

Is it a “coincidence” that Adelina Sotnikova and …:

Timothy Hong says:

Nicely Made. 

아이스크림차가운 says:

How to manipulate scores in Figure Skating? Scandal Sochi Olympic 2014,
Adelina Sotnikova Yuna Kim 

이은석 says:

The Olympics has been completely stained with controversy and corruption by
those sport politicians. Shame on you, idiots!!

anyyou79 says:

Queen Yuna~~forever

Desrus FuRu says:

Real winner is Yuna Kim.

MJ Kim says:

I think the judges didn’t have their eyes or honest heart. zzzz

SeYoen Yim says:

But ..why didn’t u put NBC voting? yuna got more than 60% on that.
(sotnikova 14%)

John C says:

You should also mention that one of the three technical panel members, Olga
Baranova, is currently of Finnish nationality but she was actually born a
Russian, was a figure skating coach, and was seen hugging members of
Russia’s skating delegation, according to USA Today. The head of the
technical panel was vice president of the Russian skating federation. Thus
TWO OUR OF THREE technical panel members had reasons to favor Russian
skaters over others, particularly critical because the technical panel has
the power to determine the difficulty levels of a skater’s spins and
whether jumps are under-rotated or downgraded.

klan choi says:

Shame on you judges and Russian medalist!

Hye Jung Yi says:

Yuna Kim was a winner in Sochi Olympic. She must be a gold medalist.

shora77 says:

Thank you for sharing your insight !. I want to see the figure skating
judgings to become clear and have common sense that matches SINCERE
efforts of an athlete, who is deserving it rightfully 

K KO says:

Adelina Sotnikova’s corrupted gold medal will go down in history of the
figure skating. Adelina Sotnikova(maybe Russia) robbed gold medal with two
foot landing and lots of wrong edge, instead of who is played with high
technic and perfectly clean. Shame on Russia & those judges!!!!

History Repeats Itself: Figure Skating Scandal in Sochi. – Adelina
Sotnikova, Yuna Kim

hjnya says:

Judges and ISU are corrupt for sure. What makes me really mad is a small
sector of figure skating experts who are making excuses for the corruption.
We’re now in the 21st century!!! Fans have enough knowledge to figure out
what the rules are. Yuna started a new era in figure skating by showing an
extremely intricate combination of athleticism and artistry. And some old
corrupt experts like Hamilton and Tarasova don’t realize that’s the way to
go for the sport to be rejuvenated once again. Perhaps there really has
been Russia-US connection like the French reported. All so disappointing. 

gnijjingjing says:

Petitioning International Skating Union (ISU): Open Investigation into
Judging Decisions of Women’s Figure Skating and Demand Rejudgement at the
Sochi Olympics

dai ki Kim says:

Everything is Wrong!!!! Very very stupid, IOC!!!!!!!!

joker 13_14 season says:

just like any sport dying off mainly due to the scandals.and the size of
scandal has been directly proportional to size of damage given to any
sport. the ship was sinking slowly. Yuna was the one slowing down the
sinking yet they pushed her into sea! And Baaam! Major russian torpido hit
from japanease submarine!. now wow look at the size of hole! Who is gonna
stuffing that hole? Yuna ? Dont bother! she is so adios with FS! FS is so
FUBAR after sochi and 13~14 season. It’s is just beyond any possible
repair. Thx to those 2 idiots who had no idea how to balance size of
scandal and damage!
time to abandone the ship!

JinJoo Khang says:

So shameful sports.

SeYoen Yim says:

Wow, This video is convincing, and easy to understand.

dai ki Kim says:

The IOC is losing their integrity

JinJoo Khang says:
dai ki Kim says:

Everything is Wrong!!!! Very very stupid, IOC!!!!!!!!
We all know the truth. Yuna should have won!

오재호 says:

Gold medalist in woman figure skating of Sochi is shameful.
Obviously Sotnikova does not deserve to win gold medal.

dai ki Kim says:

First of all, there was a problem of the judge assignments. If you look
into the judge assignments closely, you would see some judges were not
eligible. First, the technical controller was Alexander Lakernik who is
Russian. Second, one of the judges was Alla Shekhovtseva who is the
president’s wife of the Russian Figure Skating Association. Third, the
technical specialist was Olga Baranova who is suspected of being dual
nationality because she was Russian, but became naturalized in Finland.
Fourth, the judge of Ukraine (which separated from Russia), Yuri Balkov,
fifth, the judge of Estonia (Which separated from Russia), Zanna Kulik,
sixth, the technical specialist, Vanessa Gusmeroll (from France) who was
implicated in the conspiracy with Russia at the pair skating events at the
Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002.

In other words, 6 judges out of 13 are Russians and pro-Russians. They are
half of the judges. How could this absurdity happen? How can we expect them
to be fair? Obviously, it was cheating. I ask you to investigate the judge
assignments thoroughly.

sunshine83683 says:

People who are new to figure skating and don’t know much about how scoring
works think that Yuna had an easier program and Sotnikova was more
technical – and that’s why Sotnikova won. This argument is coming only by
looking at the base value scores. Yes, Yuna had a lower base value score
for the free skate but she had a higher base value score in short program.
and in total, their SP + LP base value scores differ only by 1.44. This
small score difference has posed no problems to Yuna before (as
demonstrated by multiple times in the past). Why is that? Because she makes
up for this with other scores like GOE and PCS.
We not only watch the sport for techinical skills but also artistry, how
the skater interprets the music, how much control she has over each of the
program element, etc. Yuna is known as the “textbook jumper” because she is
skilled at executing all the jumps exactly how they are supposed to be
jumped (GOE). (because of her quality. They don’t call her Queen Yuna for
nothing.) Even two-time Olympic champion Katarina Witt was nonplussed about
the results. She was in the rink and thought the winner should have been
Kim. She is also known for her poise and how expressive she is with the
choreography (PCS).
In Sochi, she was severely underscored in GOE and PCS and Sotnikova was
overscored. Pay attention to how Sotnikova executes her jumps. She doesn’t
have great flow in and out of the jump, she has a slanted axis in air, she
under-rotates, had a wobbly and shaky landings possibly two-footed, stepped
out of a jump, AND she takes off on the wrong edge (inner edge) on Lutz
(called a flutz, or cheating lutz). In the past, she has been called on
this and recieved wrong edge calls and got negative GOEs but not in Sochi.
If you look at her lutz in slow motion, you can see that she prepares for
the jump with the correct outer edge but actually jumps/takes off the ice
with the inner edge. She was rewarded for this wrong jump with GOEs. And
the step-out mistake that got -0.9GOE?
According to the rule books, it should have been -2 or -3. Also, Sotnikova
recieved level 4 for the step sequence while Yuna got level 3. Just watch
both their performances and look at the sequence yourself. Sotnikova just
flings her arms around a lot and moves her free leg but does not have good
speed or acceleration during it, no deep clean edges compared to Kim, lacks
effortlessness and flow.
AND, with respect to PCS, Sotnikova jumped almost 20 points in 6 months.
That just does not happen. To quote Kurt Browning, “I was shocked. What,
suddenly, she just became a better skater overnight? I don’t know what
happened.”. Sotnikova, in the LP, did ATTEMPT a more difficult program but
did not execute it properly to justify the grades she got.
just a “ballerina on ice”. She delivered the perfect combination of
athleticism and artistry and was not rewarded properly.

Here are a couple links addressing controversy/arguments for the jump
quality and techniques,
if you really love figure skating and look at this.

Adam Smith says:

Under rotated, Wrong Edges, Two-foot landing, Stepped out, Full blade, step
seq level, Choreography and transition- free movements, Pre rotation,
Biased judgment, Low camera, and so on. The true whole package for WRONG
gold medal. 

이은정 says:

Long live the Queen~!!
Queen Yuna~!!

dai ki Kim says:

Secondly, there was a problem of judgments.

Alexander Lakernik, the Russian technical controller didn’t point out any
technical mistakes of Sotnikova even though she had jumped with the wrong
edge, under-rotated and landed with too feet. Furthermore, one of the
judges marked GOE +3 for her wrong techniques ridiculously. This
competition was a total cheating. One more thing I cannot allow is one of
the ISU regulations that no one can protest the judgment. Making an excuse
with the preposterous rule and saying there is nothing you can do is
ridiculing sports people all around the world. There is a thief, but you
cannot catch the thief due to a regulation. Do you think it makes sense?

As I mentioned above, the first and the second problems are the most
serious so that you can request investigation of a court of arbitration or
International Interpol about this incident by your authority.

Hong Hey says:

Why YOUTUBE deleted this video before?

Janet S says:

People keep referring to that NYT article… those photos were manipulated.
More evidence of photo manipulation:

jeong ah kwon says:
Eun a says:

여러분, 유투브쪽에서 동영상을 자꾸 삭제하려하고 있어요!! 막아야해요ㅠㅠ!!

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