Cyclist Looks

Cyclist Looks

It’s a more exclusive fashion that is gaining momentum in the sports world. Cycle fashion is being seen on more teens and college aged students now more than ever! From logo caps by  Fox apparel to backpacks by top motorcross companies, this hot trend is fast finding it’s place in the fashion world.


It’s all about the logo – on thermal underwear, trucker hats and even sandals, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, these popular and very wearable pieces of clothing carry a youthful and active style for anyone in them. It’s all in HOW you wear them, no matter what age you are, pulling off the cyclist look can be as easy as incorporating one thing at a time (don’t go overboard and go head to toe).


Stay out of your kids closet. Period. By keeping your clothes separate, you won’t be harshing your child’s own style. Giving your kid space, at all ages, is important when it comes to respect and not infringing on their territory. On the other hand, if your kids start borrowing your clothes, take it as a compliment and think of it as if they were saying that you are cool enough to sport your duds.


Make sure that you aren’t trying too hard – cycle clothing is all about comfort and wearability. This look should reflect who you really are and not who you are trying to be.



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