Canada vs US in women’s ice hockey gold final (3-2) | Sochi 2014 Olympics

Canada vs US in women’s ice hockey gold final (3-2) | Sochi 2014 Olympics

New York Daily News; Team Canada tops Team USA 3-2 in overtime for Olympic women’s hockey medal. It was almost midnight by the Black Sea, and black was the p…



Archie Bunker says:

I’ve never seen anyone looking so depressed getting an Olympic silver medal
placed around their necks as these girls. Suck it up bitches! Show some

Horace Ball says:

I am american and here to say we suck at hockey and stick to what we are
good at which is electing stupid presidents.

famous gabby Rich says:

“AMERICAns “can suck IT !!

Shan Mirza says:

Love our Canadian women! 

Marcel Luthi says:

@Richard I guess the Canadian Men Stuck it up your ass Lol

Brennan Carter says:

Isn’t there a Canadian women’s gold medal ceremony video available yet?
That’s the only part i missed and I’d love to see their smiling faces.
As for America they’ve showed that video plenty and to cry like they did
was a little pathetic.They played a great game,of course it could have
easily gone either way.They should be proud.
Hopefully this game,being as historic as it turned out to be,will help
women’s hockey become more popular and more supported by those who have the
power to do so.

T.O. D3S1 says:

dam fuckin right BOTH MENS and WOMENS belongs to Canada! The funny thing is
US can never compete against other nations, accept it, they only compete
against their own let it be NBA, NFL, NHL or whatever, and they can never
play against other nations for shit, for example, the world’s top 5 sports
like Football (Soccer), Cricket, Rugby, Tennis AND Volleyball! lol GO

Seeker22000 says:

Now all of the U.S. knows what it feels like to be a Toronto Maple Leaf
fan, and Leaf fans now know what it’s like to be a Bruins fan.

Raoul Fleckman says:

I have been on organized sports teams from the age of 9 until I was at
least 30 and not once did any team I was on cry from a loss. That was an
embarrassing display of poor sportsmanship. I was always taught that one
accepts defeat as gracefully as victory. If one of my kids ever does
anything but smile proudly when given a silver medal. . . never mind, my
kids were raised right and would never do that. These girls have got a lot
of growing up to do.

Savita Lokitaa says:

Yessss 🙂 I’m so proud of my Country!

dtvqa says:

Marie-Philip Poulin is Canada’s GOLDEN Girl! Thank you Team Canada. You
made our nation proud.

Rabid9902 says:

Congratulations to Team Canada (the Women’s version)! Four consecutive
Olympic hockey gold medals. No other team on the planet, men’s or women’s
has ever accomplished that feat until today.
Hard to understand how a country like the U.S. with all of its resources
can’t muster a gold medal in almost twenty years of competition!
Hey, but I’m not complaining.

Steven Eisler says:

OHHHHHH CANADA! FUCK YA!!! You better believe thats what happens after the
Americans lay down a Canada flag on their dressing room floor and walk all
over it. Bitter-fucking-sweet! 

James Lipton says:

Good thing Canadians only feel good about hockey because god knows they are
the 51st state toilet of America, they pretend they don’t want to own guns
yet I talked to a stupid bitch Canadian who said “Canadians don’t want
guns” then the next statement was “I own a .22 rifle to hunt” HAHA! you
dumb bitches you wish you could own an AR-15 or an AK-47. If you say
otherwise you are just like that dumb fuckhole who says CANADIANS DON’T

Nici Taylor says:

I gotta hand it to Canada! They were awesome! :)

Gillian Campbell says:

Kesseler, yeah and if the USA had won Americans wouldn’t have been able to
talk about winning without mentioning Canada and you know it!

lightningHOTDOGS Marques says:

USA, lost 5-0 against a country they didn’t even know existed

TheElvisgratton says:

J’suis tellement content qu’elle ait gagné, surtout contre les Américaines,
sa va leurs fermé la gueule et arrêter de se prendre pour le nombril du
monde, quoi que sa m’aurais fait encore meilleur si sa aurais été contre
les Russes. 

Loco Canadian says:

I heard the price of silver was way down on Thursday…….the Americans
flooded the market

dragonslayer98507 says:

What’s up with the stupid hate Canada beat the USA in there national sport.
Besides all this hate is doing is showing the world the USA is a bunch of
cry baby’s who can’t take losing a hockey game

daveyork0 says:

Loser keeps Bieber. That’s why they’re so happy.

Kevin Hillman says:

By desicrating the Canadian flag, the Americans have commenced a curse that
will live on in infamy. 

Tim Lui says:

full game uploaded please! i am in australia and i missed this game!! 

bdsheehan1 says:

I’m sorry I can not be insulted by you. You’re Canadian, Who could possibly
be insulted by a Canadian? You must not have received your check from the
Queen yet this month. That’s why you’re upset. I would be so ashamed if I
were not able to support my family without a hand out. Shame is a tough
thing to live with from what I understand. I do not know how you do it?
Some of us in this world can respectfully take care of our families, I
guess the others become Canadian. 

LaceeLasers says:

I cried :’) extremely proud to be Canadian. Wouldn’t want to be part of ANY
other country ♥

Jhay Delle says:

Silly Americans, Hockey is for Canadians. #WEAREWINTER

blazingdarkness16 says:

This hurt like hell. I was crying for days and when they showed the one
girl family in dismay from my hometown I lost it.

Marcel Luthi says:

You want the Truth, You can’t handle the truth! …Son, we live in a world
that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s
gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than
you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the
marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I
know. That Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my
existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You
don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at
parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. 

bdsheehan1 says:

Fuck you Canadian trash, lol he was born in this country. Typical Canadian
can’t read can’t support themselves without there government holding there
hand. Paying there bills. Lol you all still live with your parents. Can’t
even pay your own way. Ask what you can do for your country , not what your
country can do for you.

Mohammed Babul ahmed says:

i like this

Innis Mor says:

But the US won all the exhibition games, between the teams, running up to
the Olympics!!

That means something !! … er …. um….Not really, huh?


yes4me says:


randyx316 says:

Can/usa woman flip a coin that’s north American hockey there both great
men’s usa should of got bronze

Doris Sauder says:

WHAT A GAME You showed us how exciting hockey can be, the best and most
exciting ever played! You woke up even the most hardcore that wouldn’t
believe you had a place on the ice. God bless you, you have carved out the
niche of women’s hockey in the most definite way with your determination
which fomented the outstanding team-minded hockey army you solidified that
brought Canada to its feet. We solute you!

Eric Sheehan says:

I know you pay high taxes you socialist. That was the point of my
statement. Your socialist, you can’t support yourself. You need mommy
and daddy to help. Grown ups pay there own way. Read Atlas Shrugged , it
will help you understand your shameful way of life. 

dubbedcrazy says:

who won? cana…duh!

Blayer PointduJour says:

I need that jersey!

barry drake says:

Canada is no good at sport — they have to cling to a game that nobody else
really plays

Essardee says:

Woo Hoo USA…USA…USA…we’re number 1…..we’re number 1….we’re number


Thesupernova711 says:

USA Women Hockey Team were sore losers receivin’ their Silver Medal…(yes
your worked hard) but your wimped like little bitches..u never let them see
u sweat…your should’ve waited until your got back to the hotel…then let
it out!! i’m upset w/ your…female to female they laughed at your back at
the hotel..your know how we r as women!!!! Your should’ve shook there hands
gracefully w/ style & class! shakin’ my damn head!!

Isaac Howard says:

The only thing that could have torn me away from the game with 12 minutes
left…hockey practice! Perhaps the only acceptable excuse from a Canadian.

theideagirlsays says:

yay canada! way to go!

Stephen Barnes says:

Well, You can’t say we didn’t tell you so

Franco Alba says:

i wonder why cant i fucking find a fucking video about this match with all
goals and shit. also why the fuck people go to the stadium to watch this? i
can barely see the players, imagine seeing the disk/hockey puck

x Treaty says:

The US has the most medals in sochi as of right now so try too keep up eh
lol.USA bitch

woop floop says:
johnh23z says:

Go Canada Go !

Pavel Dolgikh says:

Canada only!

ahmunmun725 says:

So proud of our Canadian women! They are our golden girls!! By the way, I
met Wickenheiser, Mikkelson, Larocque, and Johnston to sign a Team Canada
hockey puck for me today at the Calgary Airport! Message me if you would
like one.

Forsaken Knowledge says:

great game

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