Beginner Skiing Essentials

Beginner Skiing Essentials

If you’re a skiing buff (like me – ha! I hope my husband reads this!), you already know what your most essential piece of equipment is going to be: Good skis. Duh

But there’s more to having a safe, fun experience on the slopes than just choosing the right skis. Here are some tips on the latest innovations in other skiing essentials that I learned about on my first ski trip this past year.

Obviously, it’s going to be cold out there, and that icy wind can slice your poor face like the Grim Reapers scythe when you’re whipping down a mountain at high speed. So protect ya neck with a quality neck gaiter that can convert into a hat, goggle case or, let’s face it, nose wipe, when need be. Seriously though, please go with wool for neck and socks (and gloves). I learned the hard, wet way why wool is best. When you’re shopping for a neck gaiter, make sure it’s versatile, as there are plenty on the market these days that can be all things for a good price.

Speaking of covering your grill, that includes your eyes. Goggles need to look good, naturally, but their main job is to maintain excellent visibility and repel fog. Get whichever ones fit you best (I chose these googles to give an example of the padding for your face which is much needed!) Read reviews, and make sure you get goggles with high-quality spherical lenses. Also, make sure they fit your face and work well with your helmet.

When you’re booting up for a day of skiing, you want to wear boots that keep your feet dry and comfortable, as you have a long day of adventure ahead of you. You also don’t want boots that are too heavy, obviously, and lucky for you, there are ski boots in today’s market that only add about seven pounds (or less!) to your stride. They’re costly, but totally worth it. Or go with the rentals like me (thank you Park City ski rentals for keeping my skills on the down low).

Cell phones in the mountains are a dubious proposition, so be a cool spy on the slopes and get yourself and your skiing partner a pair of two-way radios with a lot of channels and a long talk range. Ten-four, good buddy – be safe and ski on!



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