BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

As the #RoadToSochi comes to an end, the BBC (Official Olympics Broadcaster) have released their official trailer ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Game…



Team GB says:

VIDEO: What did you think of the Official @BBCSport Sochi 2014 Trailer that
aired on BBC 1 last night? BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

Team GB says:

The Official BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Trailer is here. Are you ready?
+1 if you are excited #RoadToSochi

IMLR. says:

Looks like Paramount at the beginning :)

REDPOWERable says:

Who did this advertisement? Really cool

Ivan Petrov says:

Ахуенно жэ

jamesdoesVLOGGING says:

Listening to this really loud is just…

crazyshot011 says:

Im pretty sure computer generated nature is pretty good as well. 

Paul Barbato says:

I wonder how many African countries will take part this year.

Thomas Nichols says:

TC:DW – Too Cold : Didn’t Watch

Kristina Drew says:

The only thing i could think of is “Arthas my son..”

Chuck Norris says:

So when does this games come out?

Rontheginger says:

Pretty good, Unfortunately its going to suck losing to canada

Caleb Welk says:

August 2nd?? Wouldn’t that be the Summer Olympics?

Rumpelstiltskin23 says:

ridiculous stupid trailer.

Arthur Voice says:

Whatever you say, ‘Mandarin’

Zenon Chi says:


prtzy says:

That peak actually looks similar to Mount Everest !

Tweed says:

Now this trailer needs a movie.

daga202 says:

Great! Tomasz Bagiński, you are a fantastic artist!

Jyrobike says:

Just 7 days till the Winter Olympics! We’re looking forward to this!

The BBC trailer just feeds our excitement:
BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

Kondrad Słupinski says:

POLSKA TO ZROBIŁA a właściwie Tomek Bagiński

Cyna Thrash says:

Wouldn’t it be great if Ned came out afterwards and said, “Brace
yourself…” ???!!!???!!! SOCHI GOT. House Lannister vs House Stark

Zuher Tatli says:

Is the guy reading a poem and if so which one

Goran Vla says:

looking good

Olga Moroz says:

Descendants of the Scythians…

Austin. s Arciaga says:

vancouver 2010 winter olympics was the best… i dont think anyone can beat

Nik Olay says:

Welcome to Mordor

kayla clark says:

I’m looking forward to this years games but I really don’t think if can top
the amazing Vancouver run. 

Michael Kwan says:

Winter is coming… to Sochi. 

yokehuatgoh says:

nature may let some conquer her but for a fleeting moment, eventually all
will return to her bequeathed for eternity

YouTikki says:

I’m boycutting this winter olympics, due to Russia’s opinion on human

Джон Смит says:

Skyrim FTW

Huechi Lee says:

Illidan comes out and is like “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!”

mabdulle says:

Next-Gen SSX

Admiral Thrawn says:

But now you stand before me,
Devoid of all dismay.

So come play in the snow with us,
Unless, of course, you’re gay.

Trent Hoover says:

USA should make a counter and have Morgan Freeman narrate it. Let the War

TheProlexProductions says:

Wow beast trailer i wanted more

4h4usheer says:

Boycott Sochi. Send Russia a message, let them make as little
tourism/promotional money as possible.

Joseph Robinson says:

This trailer has got Russia writen all over it, its a trailer that says
“dont mess with us”, i think its a great trailer and sets a great tone for
a great contest, having read some of the replies below the most negative
comments have come from people in America, are they perhaps intimidated by
a country that is not affraid to stand tall and face all adversity in the
world. Russia is a great country, ok its got its faults just like the rest
of us, but they are still great and we should never ever under estimate a
country like this. 

JV .Finks says:

Reminds me of Wrath of the Lich King trailer lol.

baldemar calderon says:

that voice gave mi chills

Jake Bredanuty says:


LukeGeoDude says:

Much 1936esque.

ShierenAMV says:

This motivating as fuck….

aber dunsky says:

118 dislikes from the Neville Chamberlin types. 

Ashadelo says:

But… there is one they fear in their tongue, he is Dovakiin, Dragonborn”

Edouard Ros says:

Arthas, the lich king.

TheOmnipotentChurro says:

The Olympics are stupid

Gigi Beridze says:

why is not here mentioned Circassian genocide ? Sochi is not Russia …..

creARTive concepts says:

BBC’s Winter Olympics Trailer Is Totally Over the Top

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